Tuesday, 31 August, 2010


People sounds too “Nirjiv”, it’s about souls around me. There is a dedicated “vertical” in literature which handles these types of write-ups. God has created every individual unique; there can’t be 2 identical persons. So when you were going to school, college or while you are working; you meet so many interesting, lovable, cute, intelligent, arrogant, selfish, dull, dumb, happy-go-lucky, aloof, (the list is endless…) people. Each one of us can come up with a book on them J
There is set of people, who live in their cocoon, if you are able to break that or barge into it, you would discover so many beautiful interesting things about them that you would curse their habit of keeping themselves “shielded”.

Then there is another category called as “Jagan-Mitra”, these folks just enter into your life as your childhood, youth make their path. You don’t even realize when you met for the first time and when it turned into “a true friendship”.

Then there are certain people, who will be “happy-go-lucky”. I call them angels or “gandharv”. When they are around you forget everything, their company is so much fulfilling that they spread happiness around their “sphere of influence”. These are really God’s children, who are far far away from all the treachery, deceit, jealousy or some kind of bad vibes. You just want to enjoy their company. They do not categories for friends, they think in the same way for a person whom they met in the bus just an hour back or a friend from childhood.

Didn’t I mention just so called “good” people around us, where are the “bad” sets? Actually they don’t exist, they are just the perception. What the F***? You don’t live in ideal world, you don’t live in “Satya-Yug”… there is this set very much in existence. Okay okay, I agree, but have you ever thought that you might be in the same set for someone? Have you ever thought that, what would be feeling of a “Killer” for his own son? Does that mean that “Killer” would be bad for his son as well? Or let’s put it in other way, “Is that Killer’s son is able to understand the bigger picture?”

Why are we even thinking about this… the reason I am mentioning is because it’s all about perception, situation and our view-point. Our point-of-view changes about situations, people when any of the above mentioned 3 things’ orientation changes. The Good, The Bad, play their role as it has been written, many times scripted because of our deeds of previous birth or our current deeds. If we apply physics, mathematics or any modern science, we can very well understand this. How come sins committed by me will go without any account balance? This is something which should be left for individual’s “chintan-manan”…

Whatever I wrote till now was kind of monologue. When I was portraying some characters, I felt like “who am I to typecast someone?” Then the answer comes as you are “You” who should try and understand the complicated equation of differentiation where limit is tending to ∞ (both + and -) and we trying to deduce our “I” and then integration again ranging from +∞ to -∞ of all our deeds and finally get the value of 0 which is

“Om, Purn mad:, Purnam midam,
purnat purn mudacchate.
Purnasya purn maday,
purna mewawshishyate”.


Hetal said...

Nice post. We all look at things the way we want to. I liked the way you have ended the post.

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