Monday, 21 March, 2011

We the Mango People

The story never ends, it continues till its writer and his or her writing capabilities are intact. We the Mango People never take a stop and "... and then they lived happily thereafter". We always start from where we left yesterday, we take our relations, emotions, anger, happiness to the next level on next day, hour, minute... each measure of time.
We the Mango People, living in world of dreams and desire. Desire which gives screenplay for most of our dreams. We run like a deer who is being chased by a "tiger". This tiger relentlessly follows this deer, at every path, at every juncture of his/her life. If sometimes deer is tired and want to take rest, his parents, relatives and "wants" dancing in his/her mind do not allow that. The role of deer is defined he has to run, no matter what. Very fortunate deers realize that "kasturi" is exactly within them.....
We really like to "tag" people. We love when tiger catches deer, because we think that one down in the race, but we forget that now probability to become prey is more. We allow all sorts of exceptions for ourselves, only ourselves. We try to find meaning of Life through out our life.
We the Mango People... I am going to write about each and everyone who were around, whom I have heard, whom I have seen, whom I have observed, whom I have imagined, whom I have worshipped on what they seemed than what they are...
Actually names, stories are not related to anyone but they may be closer to someone... you should think that these are fictional characters but at some corner of the world I am sure they exist :)