Saturday, 16 January, 2010


It's been 6 months I am back in Bharat. Initially I was literally found things different... basically this time I had come back for good... I had experienced something which can not be explained and told, it has to be experienced .
Anyway after coming back I wanted to take part in everything.. i.e. Infosys Foundation, ITMilan, Sayamshakha, Office work i.e. learning new technologies, More responsibilities like CC, DP and whatnot, Help friends, Attending functions, Going places with friends, missed one more thing - going on Ruturang Apartment's committee (which I feel was really not required at that point :()... but all these things gave me a very good lesson, that you can not be part of everything. You have to focus on things on priority basis. You can definitely experience everything but not at a time.
This also explored a proven fact that I am really worst in terms of keeping house clean... I wanted to write my experience of last one year... couldn't do it yet :( and that's not because I am busy but because I am lazy.. that is because I did not manage time...
Finally while adding some videos on iPhone and iPod which Eshan was asking from a long time, I realized why not to write a quick blog post. It really doesn't take more than 30 mins to pen down I mean keyboard down your thoughts :)...
I am sure while writing this blog also I must have gone tangent from one place to another :)
Talking about office... the Vistaraking ("Vistarak" was added as a verb in dictionary in Feb 08 in Houston Yuva Varg :D) has changed my whole approach of working in office.
As told by many great ppl, "Expectations" are the main cause of all sorrows in the world... but that doesn't mean that you don't work, you don't strive for grades, you definitely do but without expecting that it's gonna happen :)
Also finding great qualities in each and every human being has helped in finding yourself always in good company.
I hope to keep the blog updated reagularly... not sure that, this will happen.
I might end up updating the blog after one year.. saying same things :D

for now... bbye