Friday, 13 January, 2017

The one who never goes away...

I never knew that my friend Mr. E had never left me. I kept taking decision while walking on the road for a long long time. I took many turns which I never intended and missed some which I was wanting badly. All the while I kept thinking that I am going away from E. I bragged about myself whenever I was confused about few decisions. I consoled myself many a times thinking that we are doing something which no one has ever done or it is really difficult to achieve.
I was walking towards a Mountain. The road was pleasant and full of beautiful trees, unknown but very friendly people. The mountain was very very high but it always seemed achievable target. You could see sun rising every morning and taking birds to their nests every evening. Shadows used to play game of hide & seek even with the mountain. One day you could see whole mountain covered by shadows of sky and the other day you could see mountain dancing in the rain and painting the sky with unimaginable colors. The mountain was a teacher in the journey and even after that.
Generally they say who fear height, should not look down or back while climbing the mountain. Also there is tale of Vikramditya & Vetal, this Vetal is none other than Mr. E. He asked me the most difficult question, but I thought it was very simple. He asked me, "Who wants to climb the mountain?". I thought its a simple question. I did not realize so many times after missing the turns I was still shown the road to mountain. It wasn't me, it is never us. Even when we walk we feel, I am taking so many efforts. The simple answer "I" made Vetal laugh.... and he laughed liked he always does.
He said, "Ohhhh so you decided to come to Mountain. Oh my dear friend, just look back and see what have you left." Since there was "I" there was obvious reference to "You". And I looked back... and I got scared... big time... As always it is always easy to run from the point where you start than towards the end point :-) And  ran fast, closing all my senses I ran fast... thinking that it was "I"... and when I hit the bottom, I realized... there stood my friend Mr. E... and I thought it was me...
Once again... the lesson was given and mountain disappeared :-)
Sometime I see that mountain... with many more disciples.... I know I have to first let go this "I"... I think that was the important lesson I was missing all the while... :-)