Tuesday, 24 August, 2010

That was drive without reason

It was a normal evening, I thought of going somewhere or probably nowhere. I started from my home thinking about a place where there will at least “some amount” of peace, where I can look at sky without listening to horns from bikes or cars, where I can smell the fresh air, where I can hear to the different voices of birds, where I can hear whispering leaves… I stopped at different signals; I was watching people on bikes, in cars, walking on the road, few houses which were adjacent to roads.
I could see everyone running behind something or running with the clock. Everyone had sense of urgency to reach to some hotel, to meet friends, family or to attend informal/formal meeting to continue the business decisions.

There were so many houses which were not flats or apartments. I could see people waiting for something, either they were looking for Auto-Rickshaws or someone was going to pick them up. Some of them were parents in their late 50s or early 60s; I guess they were looking for someone who would care for them. There were girls and boys who were waiting for their “love” or their friends with whom they were planning the dinner. There were friends of all ages completely submerged into their "circle of concern" happily chatting and laughing. There were kids playing on the road, in houses or in schools who were totally free of any tensions, their game was so important that everyone was playing to win.

I reached a place which I thought would be the ideal place where I can see Pune city in its entirety. I parked my bike and started going towards the hill, to my surprise there were herds of people who were going up and down. Probably my guess was wrong for the place where I can find the serenity of nature.

By the way why was I looking for something rather what was I looking for? Was it just me? Why do I have time to think about all this? Is it lack of friends? Is it lack of planned outings? Or is it something bigger than that lack of Goal? I remember some statement which says “It is easy to die for something but it is really worth living entire life for something” – “śalabha bana jalanā sarala hai, prema kī jalatī śikhā par | svayaṁ ko til-til jalā kar, dīpa bananā hī kaṭhin hai”

The effect of Inception hasn’t gone yet so I tend to relate some things to that movie, we are happy when we Live in some inception, we are happy when we know that we are not in any inception and living what we want to… probably some would call that as “self-orchestrated” inception.. but it is killing when we know that – I am seeing myself in inception and I don’t want to get kick or I am waiting for outside kick instead of self architecting.

We can write, talk about life in thousands and thousands of words… We can have our own philosophies and fundas about “How to live life”… we can have our simple rules of enjoying life. And all those rules, experiences, fundas are worth to read or hear it coz at the end of the day it is that individual’s view of Life… it is his or her dream… it is his or her experience… it is the journey towards their goal… it is love, it is passion, it is devotion, it is “samarpan”

Hats off to all who have realized their reason of existence and lived or living their life for that very reason!!!

All the best to all who are on the quest of finding the reason!!!

..........And for rest I guess we need to realize to start that quest


akanksha said...

Where did you go?
I agree,everything gets hezy when you don't know the reason of existance...Even I feel the same some-times...But then life's chores take over and I completely forget about it.

Shrish, I know you're different from the rest of us.And I m more than sure you would find that 'reason of existance' some day...It can even be the Mac;-)

Missing you loads here:(

Samuh said...

IMO, your post is just like your ride. It starts some where with no definite goal in particular, takes you to different places and then leaves you with something to think about.

I feel like leaving everything and spending some time alone in some ashram. Those were the days! I would resume my routine life with a complete reset. Felt good.

Sometimes you get this view, a taste of infinity. And your nothingness seems to grow in it. I get this feeling often. It is important that we find happiness in littlest and simplest of things that is like the most easiest way to find at least some semblance of peace.